Project 4.0 - Intelligent control and management system

Project 4.0 Intelligent management and control system

Easy project planning and task allocation

Full control of the implementation process, flexibility and ability to change on the move

Gathering information, preparing reports

Analysis of work processes, productivity and quality of performance

Full evaluation of the implementation of each project

From Business
To Business

Made in Germany .
Tested in a real environment.

Initially, the system was developed for the needs of a company operating in a shipyard Meyer Werft, Germany. It has been developed and improved under the influence of German requirements for innovation and quality.

Over time, this has led to the development of a project management system that is so accurate and precise, that it is able to perform a real - time detailed analysis of each production process up to the last detail, including the productivity of the most important factor in a production - The Man.

2 in 1 :
mobile app and web based system

Two different technologies for the perfect functionality, performance and flexibility you need!

Mobile app for work on site.

Mobile app for Project 4.0
Generate QR codes and NFC chips
QR code scanner and NFC chip
NFC reading stations
Electronic reporting of working hours
Real-time information
And more ...

Web based system for control and analysis

Project 4.0 web based system
Time reports
Defining Tasks
Project Analysis
Planning a future activity
Performance forecasts
And more ...

Just try ...

Test Project 4.0 completely FREE to see for yourself what it can do. It's easy and it won't cost you anything!

Choose your plan

We offer two plans that include different modules of the management system so that each company can can choose the right one, depending on their needs. They are provided through monthly or annual payments for your convenience.

The prices are for 1 registered employee per month.


6.00 /m.
4.50 /m.
Work Time and attendance module


11.50 /m.
9.50 /m.
Work Time and attendance module
Structured project creation and management.
Forecasting and analytical module
Catalog module


Development of special modules and functionalities
Individual pricing plans with different parameters
Specific solutions
Additional Services

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Project 4.0

Intelligent workflow management and control system

Intelligentes Workflow-Management-System

Интелигентна система за управление на работни процеси

Project 4.0 - софтуерна система за анализ, контрол и управление на проекти.
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