Limited or full functionality of Project 4.0 - choose what you need! If you want something different from this - we will prepare an individual offer for you!

To meet the requirements of our customers we offer two ways to use and pay of Project 4.0 . In this way, each manager can decide what he needs and pay only this one functionality that you will use in your work.

For those who need something special and different, we can prepare an individual solution tailored to customer requirements.

Our pricing plans


€ 6.00
€ 4.50

The prices are for 1 registered employee per month

The limited plan includes only

Time and attendance module

This plan is suitable for those who only want to register and report the working time of their employees, as well as to prepare reports on working hours, without analyzing and planning tasks and projects.

The time and attendance module includes the mobile application of Project 4.0 , through which you can scan QR codes and NFC chips to record working hours, as well as the web part for generating worksheets and reports.


€ 11.50
€ 9.50

The prices are for 1 registered employee per month

This plan includes the full functionality of Project 4.0 :

Time and Attendance Module

Structured project creation and management.

Forecasting and Analytical Module

Module Catalog

The standard plan is suitable for managers who want more than just a time and attendance tool, a powerful system for analysis, evaluation and planning of activities. Project 4.0 will give you all this, and even more.


Individual solutions for special requirements, fully tailored to your needs.

Development of special modules and functionalities

Individual price plans with different parameters

Specific solutions


Additional services

Write us on E-mail: and together we will find the best solution for you.

Can't decide which plan meets your needs? Get Project 4.0 , use it FREE for 6 MONTHS and only then decide which plan to choose. If you consider that Project 4.0 will not be useful to your company - no problem. It won't cost you anything.

Project 4.0

Intelligent workflow management and control system

Intelligentes Workflow-Management-System

Интелигентна система за управление на работни процеси

Project 4.0 - софтуерна система за анализ, контрол и управление на проекти.
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