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This Privacy Policy applies to your personal data that Project 4.0 e. K., Papenburg collects in order to provide you with services according to the subject of the Organization's activity. We apply a policy for the protection of personal data both for data collected from you through paper forms filled in personally by you or by our representative, through e-mail correspondence, conclusion of a contract or other methods permitted by law to collect personal data, so and to the data collected in the Internet space through our Internet site .

Through this declaration, we inform you about our practices that we apply in the protection of your data, about your rights that you have regarding the personal data collected about you through our Internet site and/or collected by us through other methods mentioned above. If you have any questions, you can contact us through our Data Protection Officer or request information from our employees.

General Information

When collecting and processing your personal data, our Company is subject to a number of laws and regulatory rules that dictate how these actions should be carried out, for what purposes and what guarantees for the protection of personal data should be applied. Relevant legislation includes, but is not limited to, the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 679/2016), the Personal Data Protection Act, etc. normative acts, as well as the bylaws issued based on them.

1. What personal data we collect from you

In the majority of cases, we collect data from you that is explicitly stated in the law or that is necessary for the conclusion of a certain contract with you. We will inform you in a clear and transparent manner in the event that we need to collect personal data from you that is not explicitly stated in the law as mandatory, but our Organization finds it necessary and/or has a legitimate interest in their collection or it is necessary to protect your vital interests. The categories of personal data we use are: ordinary personal data, special categories of data, data related to convictions and offences, etc. Such data can be, for example, names of company representatives or names of colleagues from the respective companies with whom we communicate on a daily basis, as well as their contact details, address or names of employees of the respective companies and many others.

2. Cookies and other passive technologies

The organization uses cookies and other tracking technologies that collect information from you when you interact with our site. Our site offers functionalities and tools that are only available when using some types of cookies. It is always possible to block, delete or disable these cookies. The types of cookies that are used are: session cookies, persistent cookies and cookies from external service providers. .
You can read detailed information about the organization's cookie policy at the following link: Cookie Policy

3. Data collected from other sources

We may collect information about you from other legal sources in order to provide you with quality services.
Such sources are information from our partners (in case you have agreed), publicly available information.

This information includes:
- data for making contact with you;
- publicly available information with data about the persons representing your organization.

We collect other publicly available information only after we have the express statement of the person sharing it with us that you have consented to it being shared with us. When we contact you, we will tell you where we have your personal data from, in case we have not collected it from you personally.

4. Why we collect personal data and what we use it for

We collect your personal data in connection with the provision of our services to you, as well as in connection with the services used by our Organization, provided by your organization or by you personally.

For the most part, we collect personal data from you to allow us to identify you and, in case of need, to contact you.

5.Your consent and our legitimate interest

Except where we collect personal data based on law, contract, legitimate interest or to protect your vital interests, we will ask for your consent. We will use your personal data only after your express consent for the specific purpose. You have the right, if you change your mind at a later stage, to withdraw your consent.

In cases where it is necessary to collect your personal data from you due to our legitimate interest or to preserve your vital interests, we will inform you in a timely manner, as well as explain your rights. You have the right to object to us collecting your personal data if you believe that we do not have a legitimate interest in collecting it. We will take additional measures and provide you with additional information and our reasons within a period of no longer than 1 month from your request.

6. Disclosure of your data to third parties

Organization discloses your personal data:

- only to state bodies, institutions and persons to whom we are obliged to provide personal data by virtue of law; - to persons who, by assignment, maintain equipment, software and hardware used for processing personal data and necessary for building the Organization's network, including the network of video cameras; of persons performing services in various spheres.

The Organization takes measures and undertakes that all such persons apply the same protection to your personal data as our own employees and comply with the Organization's Privacy Policy.

7. Protection measures

The organization collects, processes and stores personal data in compliance with all legal requirements and applying adequate technical and organizational security measures.

With the aim of maximum security in the processing, transfer and storage of personal data, we use where necessary additional protection mechanisms such as encryption, pseudonymisation and others.

8. Period (term) in which we store your personal data.

Your personal data is stored by the Organization for the period specified in the applicable laws, depending on the purpose for which it was collected.

In the absence of such a legal term, the Organization assumes that it will store your personal data for a reasonable term, determined on the basis of additional criteria. The criteria for determining the term are consistent with our desire to provide you with high-quality services, as well as the normal development of our partner relationships.

Our goal is that the storage of your personal data requires minimal actions on your part in terms of re-registrations or re-provision of data.
When the personal data we collect is no longer necessary for the stated purposes, we delete it or destroy it in another appropriate way.

9. Your right to access and receive information

You have the right to request access to your personal data at any time. You have the right to know what personal data we process about you and what we use it for, how we store it.
To exercise your right of access, send us an access request. In the rare cases where we cannot provide access to your personal data within a period not exceeding 1 month, we will give you the reasons.

10. Your Right to Correction

You also have the right to request that our Organization correct any inaccuracies in your personal data.
The request to access or update your personal data can be sent to:
• email address:

11. Your other rights

- to have your personal data deleted;
- to request the restriction of the processing of your personal data for a certain period of time;
- to object to the processing;
- data portability.

The listed rights depend on the specific reason, why we process your personal data. In some cases, we are obliged by law to store your personal data. In these cases, we will not be able to delete your personal data from our systems.

Contact our staff if you have any questions.
Our employees;
- will assist you in exercising your rights;
- will inform you further about each of your rights.

We strive to always satisfy your requests, when these requests are permissible and justified, and to give you an answer within the statutory period.

In rare cases, we may need to extend this period, but by no more than the permissible and maximum period permitted by law.

12. Right of appeal

In case you believe that we are violating your rights, you may contact us to investigate the matter.
Our Data Protection Officer is at your disposal at e-mail:
You also have the right to file a complaint with the Commission for Personal Data Protection.

13. Update/Renewal

This declaration is revised and updated by us regularly, with the aim of being as clear, accurate, transparent as possible and to cover newly emerging changes (if necessary).

Date of its last update– 25.02.2022 г.

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