Mobile application of Project 4.0

Mobile application

Web based system of Project 4.0

Web based system

Two technologies for the perfect functionality, performance and flexibility you need!

Full control of the employees on the workplace

Marking of workplaces

Control of the employees movements and fulfillment of the set tasks

Monitoring compliance with working hours and the workplace

Employee control is often a difficult task, which can be further hampered if the workplaces are far apart or if you have workers who like to "deviate" from their duties.

С Project 4.0 you no longer need to be a "cop" watching your employees. The mobile application will perform this task for you - it will be your eyes and ears on the field. You just have to mark each job with a QR code or NFC chip, then you set tasks and monitor their implementation.

With the help of mobile technology you can monitor the workflow from your phone at any time to know what is happening and how the tasks are performed, no matter how far apart they are. Your employees will also know that they are under surveillance and will not be able to deviate from their work, even if they want to.

Monitoring the implementation of current projects

Daily reports


Performance reports

Many project managers are sometimes "lost" in the work process and are unable to determine exactly what stage of implementation they are at, what they have done and what lies ahead. This is especially true for large projects with many employees and many different tasks.

With Project 4.0 Ongoing control over the implementation of your projects can now be easy and effective. The system allows you to monitor workflows in real time.

When you know what's going on you have control - with Project 4.0 you know very well what is happening and you can control the processes in time - to change planned tasks, to transfer employees from one place to another, update schedules and activities.

Flexibility and change on move

Current reports

Performance forecasts

Change on move

Every manager knows how dynamic the processes are in the implementation of various projects. The bigger the project, the more preconditions for something to go wrong. Employees, supplies, contractors - everything can disrupt the implementation of planned activities.

This is where the greatest strength of Project 4.0 comes to the rescue - performance analysis and forecasting. The system analyzes the current implementation and the opportunities you have, so you can change the execution plan on the go.

And the best of all - with Project 4.0 you can "play up" all possible options according to your abilities. The system analyzes, calculates and shows you what any change you would make would lead to. so that you can make the optimal choice and put it into action.

Project 4.0 will be your pilot simulator - train with it safely until you are ready to fly and land without problems.

Impartial assessment of the productivity of each worker


Daily reports

Performance analysis

Every employer tries to encourage those who bring him money. Every good worker needs to be noticed for his well done job.

As a manager, you have probably had cases where workers have asked you for a salary increase with the statement, that they are one of your most productive and conscientious employees. If you are not their direct manager, how do you decide who to encourage and who not? Where is the third independent evaluation, confirming or refuting the opinion received from the line manager?

Objective, mathematical assessment of productivity, independent of the personal preferences of the respective line manager may surprise you. After the relevant analysis, it may turn out that not all of the always encouraged and privileged workers are really like what they pretend to be.

With Project 4.0 you will be able to make a complete and unbiased analysis of the productivity of each of your employees. You will have another staff appraisal tool to help you promote exactly the ones they deserve.

Performance analysis

Collecting information

Reports and references

Analysis of each workflow

Analysis and planning are what Project 4.0 is the strongest. Because he is like a wise man who gains experience and can learn from his mistakes.

With Project 4.0 you collect all information about your business. This is your database, your experience that you gain every day, with each task set and completed.

When all the information is in one place, the analysis is not so difficult. But with Project 4.0 it is extremely easy. The system calculates, analyzes and visualizes the information so that you notice possible errors in your work and adjust them in the next project.

The wise man learns from his mistakes and does not repeat them. With Project 4.0 it's easy to be wiser.

Easy and competent planning

Analyse completed projects

Performance forecasts

Planning future projects

If you can make a quality and fair analysis of your business you will be able to to plan even better each subsequent project.

Project 4.0 has powerful analysis and planning tools. With them, based on your previous activity, you will be able to make a forecast for productivity, which is the perfect basis for planning your next project. The system will simulate its execution according to the parameters you set. All you have to do is choose the optimal option and start its implementation.

In this way you will know with great accuracy how your new project will move over time, which will give you the opportunity to properly and accurately logistic of people and resources.

All information on one place



Work processes

Use the power of technology to store all the information about your business. Everything you do now can be gathered in one place in the most convenient way for you to use in future.

Complete information about employees, schedules, shifts, productivity , current and implemented projects, planned activities, statistics and much more - Project 4.0 knows how to organise anize them to be always at hand.

Project 4.0 is your "workbook" with an unlimited number of pages. It will collect and store Information about your business and will never lose it. Trust him!

Project 4.0

Intelligent workflow management and control system

Intelligentes Workflow-Management-System

Интелигентна система за управление на работни процеси

Project 4.0 - софтуерна система за анализ, контрол и управление на проекти.
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